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Forest Neighbourhood Council (FNC)

represents the views of residents by acting as a channel for consultation with the County and District Councils and other community bodies

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Notes from Council meeting in November 2021


Talks with Natural England are progressing. HDC has been in discussion with HM Buildings Inspectorate aiming to ensure that, until The Local Plan is in place, prospective developers do not “win on appeal”.


The date for the Referendum has not yet been set.


If you are a first responder and a defibrillator is needed, a call to 999 will tell you where the nearest machine is located. Forest Neighbourhood Council is aiming to prepare a definitive list for this neighbourhood.


The increase in social care charges is causing anxiety for many users. It is understood that WSCC will be holding meetings to discuss the impact.


The work is to be contracted to a third party, Connected Kerb, who will be responsible for the capital cost and maintenance. Whilst there is a no cash risk element for WSCC/HDC, it does mean that the third party will retain future profit. Forest Neighbourhood Council has asked to be kept informed of any proposed sites in this area.


DC Tony Hogben updated Forest Neighbourhood Council and it was good to hear that there are no empty shops in Horsham. But, there is less “dwell time” in the town; this may be due to a change in peoples’ daily routines. The night-time economy is booming.


New Street and Kerves Lane have now been approved for Speedwatch activities.

As always, volunteers are required. We are able to pass on names to the Supervisory Team.


Any further information will be posted to Forest Neighbourhood Council social media pages.


There is a local group that is affiliated to this nationwide organisation. 20’s Plenty For Us is rapidly gaining momentum and most of the UK’s larger cities have adopted 20 mph for residential streets. Wales will be implementing a 20 mph national default for residential roads.

This Council knows that many residents would like this speed limit introduced in their streets.

Next Council Meeting

Monday 13th December 2021 at 7.30 pm

It has been agreed that FNC meetings will continue to be held using Zoom for at least the rest of the year. If you have any queries or concerns, please contact us by mail or email.

IMPORTANT: Members of the public are welcomed at Forest Neighbourhood Council meetings usually held on the third Monday of each month (but usually the second Monday in December) in the Salvation Army Hall, Booth Way. However, due to the restrictions caused by the Covid-19 virus, we are using Zoom. If you would like to join a meeting as a member of public, please contact The Clerk for an invitation. Email:


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Forest Neighbourhood Council Membership


We have councillor vacancies and will welcome enquiries about the councillor role from residents within the Forest Neighbourhood.

Whilst we are a non-statutory council, we are a voice for local matters and liaise with Horsham District Council.