Forest Neighbourhood Council (FNC)

– representing the views of residents of Forest Ward (map)
– acting as a channel for consultation with the County and District Councils
and other community bodies

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Horsham Matters tackles isolation in Horsham District


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The following information regarding pothole repairs is available on WSCC website together with a telephone number if a pothole is an emergency and presents an immediate risk to public safety – 01243 642105

West Sussex Highways conduct regular road inspections and prioritise the repair of reported potholes based on risk assessments. Response times for fixing potholes vary, and:

 - we usually repair potholes greater than 100mm deep and 150mm wide on all roads within 5 working days

 - we usually repair potholes between 40mm and 100mm deep and 150mm wide on all roads within 28 days

 - we usually do not repair potholes less than 40mm deep on any road, but we will review them at our next programmed inspection

More information on our routine inspection and programme and risk assessment can be found in our Highways Inspection Manual 

Forest Neighbourhood Council continues to highlight pot holes that are brought to its attention.

Forest Neighbourhood Council will discuss this project and any issues at its next meeting. Detailed information is available on WSCC website. Forest Neighbourhood Council is able to arrange for grass to be cut back if it is in any way impeding sight lines.

Overgrown hedges are again causing problems along public footpaths. Residents are reminded that it is their responsibility to ensure those outside their homes are cut back to prevent any obstruction.

The Wildlife and Countryside Act of 1981 states it is illegal to harm nesting birds or their eggs, so you should carefully check to see if any nests are evident before starting work. If you notice any nesting activity, you should postpone trimming.

The Next Council Meeting will be on Monday 19th August 2024    Agenda

Our meetings take place at the Salvation Army Hall, Booth Way, Horsham beginning at 7.30 pm on the third Monday of each month (but the second Monday in December).

Members of the public are always welcome to attend. In the case of Zoom Meetings, prior notification is needed so an invitation can be issued, but this is not required for attending meetings in the Salvation Army Hall.

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Forest Neighbourhood Council Membership

We have councillor vacancies and will welcome enquiries about the councillor role from residents within the Forest Neighbourhood.

Whilst we are a non-statutory council, we are a voice for local matters and liaise with Horsham District Council.

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