Symptom-free Covid-19 community testing now available in West Sussex

Adults in West Sussex who have to leave home for work or caring responsibilities can now book a symptom-free Covid-19 test.

This may include those that cannot work from home, or those that need to leave home to volunteer or provide care to others.

If you have already been vaccinated, you should still book a test as it’s possible to still carry the virus.

It is essential to book an appointment
Please go to the booking website or call 01243 642130.

You can make an appointment at any of the participating pharmacies across Sussex, so you can get tested wherever is most convenient for you - close to where you live or work.

In Horsham, the pharmacy of Day Lewis PLC at Park Surgery, Albion Way is taking part.

Pharmacies will be offering tests during their normal opening hours and the testing centres will be offering tests Monday to Saturday.

Testing is quick and easy

The testing process takes around 10 minutes and booking in advance means there’s no waiting around.

At both pharmacies and testing centres, you will carry out your own swab test and it will be processed by staff on site. You should receive your result within 30 minutes.

It’s recommended that two tests a week are taken, three days apart.