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Public Realm Strategy & Design

In March 2021, Horsham District Council cabinet members agreed to adopt the town centre Public Realm Strategy and Design Guide, which lays out ways to improve access and connectivity, make better use of space and enhance the existing heritage of the town.

In the past few years, some localised projects have been delivered throughout the town centre of Horsham, bringing a restored public realm to its visitors in some areas.

Nonetheless, the absence of a general strategy along the years has led to a series of spaces that do not read in a coherent manner, both visually and functionally. This in turn has resulted in spaces and streetscapes that lack legibility, and that do not put pedestrians at the forefront. In many instances, it is not adapted for the uses and activities that will allow the town to thrive and meet its full potential.

The public realm strategy is set out over a number of chapters and includes an understanding of the existing, influencing factors; feedback received through engagement with stakeholders; and a series of principles and design guidelines which are demonstrated through specific projects identified within the town centre.

Public Realm
Strategy & Design Guide

(16MB .pdf - 75 pages)

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Public Realm
Consultation Summaries

(620KB .pdf - 8 pages)

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The Need for a Public Realm Strategy
This Public Realm Strategy and Design Guide for Horsham seeks to achieve the overarching aspiration to -

    • enhance the existing heritage of the town centre
    • futureproof the town centre by identifying and maximising key spaces that could provide flexibility in how they can function, and improve access and connectivity throughout
    • sustain and further promote Horsham as a key destination to live, socialise and shop.

A coherent concept for the town centre is a fundamental factor in order to achieve this aspiration.

The recommendations within this document are to be implemented through both public and private development projects that may impact Horsham town centre’s public areas. This public realm strategy and design guide will also inform the forthcoming Horsham Local Plan.

TEXT adopted from the above Guide