• Symptom-free Covid-19 community testing now available

• Online cookery course!

• Unequivocal request for withdrawal of Rookwood Development

• FNC responds to Government planning upheaval

• Rookwood plans 'slammed' by FNC

• County reject 20mph limit

• Is your hedge or tree a problem?

• Drive for safety on mobility scooters

Symptom-free Covid-19 community testing now available

Adults in West Sussex who have to leave home for work or caring responsibilities can now book a symptom-free Covid-19 test.

This may include those that cannot work from home, or those that need to leave home to volunteer or provide care to others.

If you have already been vaccinated, you should still book a test as it’s possible to still carry the virus.

Online cookery course

Aimed at people/households with very little or no cooking skills who want to gain confidence in the kitchen and develop cookery skills. See more about these FREE, helpful, online sessions

Unequivocal request

FNC has written a letter asking ask HDC to withdraw Rookwood Golf Course Development in its entirety from the draft Local Plan

Neighbourhood Council replies to planning shake-up

FNC has replied to the Government "Planning for the Future" proposals by letter which can be seen here

Objections to Rookwood plans

Read Forest Neighbourhood Council's letter of objection to the proposal for development on the Rookwood golf course site

Rejection of application for a 20 mph limit in New Street

Originally WSCC Highways planned to introduce the scheme under the County Local Committee approved Community Traffic Order Scheme but the cost of the signs took it over the £3,000 threshold.

WSCC Highways looked at various ways in which to reduce the cost, reducing number of signs and limiting the area, none of which were viable. This meant that it could only be delivered through the Community Highway Scheme Process.

Read the full text of the response from WSCC Highways

Forest Neighbourhood Council is disappointed that the Scheme will definitely not proceed in this round. This does not mean that the proposal will be shelved and there will be further discussions with Highways.

Prevent your hedges and trees becoming problems

The 'Bird Nesting Season' is officially from February until August. It is recommended that tree and hedge cutting or site clearance should be done outside the nesting season.

However, in reality the nesting period may start before this and extend beyond it, in some cases. Highways officers ask householders to check garden hedges and bushes at this time rather than wait for an official reminder to arrive in the post.

Mobility Scooter Skills and Safety

With the growing number of mobility scooters in use and, sadly, the number of accidents involving these useful little vehicles, FREE Skills & Safety Sessions are now available in Horsham

Stay safe on your mobility scooter

"We recommend beginners and experienced scooter drivers to take advantage of these sessions to improve their own safety and that of other pavement users. We will have some scooters available for those who do not yet own one.”