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Forest Neighbourhood Council (FNC)

represents the views of residents by acting as a channel for consultation with the County and  District Councils and other community bodies

Your Neighbourhood Wardens

The newly appointed Neighbourhood Wardens began their duties at the beginning of August.

As an integral part of the Community Safety Unit the Neighbourhood Wardens work with all sections of the community from elderly and/or vulnerable people through to young people and businesses to find solutions to problems whilst promoting community cohesion and resilience.

Their main objective is to assist the community. They are not replacements for the police, nor an emergency or response team and they are not parking wardens.

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September meeting notes


Alison Page and Lucy Hallett, our new Neighbourhood Wardens, attended this Meeting to talk about their work so far. Alison and Lucy invite all residents to a “community drop-in” on Sunday 14th October at Bennett’s Field Scout Hut between 11.00 a.m. and 1.00 p.m.

Currently Alison and Lucy are regularly visiting Bennetts Field and interacting with people who are there – although not necessarily because of anti-social behaviour.


It would seem that the anti-social behaviour issues at Bennetts Field are increasing and there is evidence of drug misuse. Please note that if any suspect small plastic packages are seen either in the Field or in the vicinity (one full bag has been found in Brighton Road), don't pick it up but contact the Police and give details of the exact location.


Alison and Lucy will be attending school sites at the opening and closing times and will be able to issue parking alerts for those drivers who park illegally. This will mean that persistent bad parking information will be passed on to the appropriate authority.

The health and safety of schoolchildren is paramount.


The way in which repairs and the time it takes for works to be carried out is not considered to be satisfactory. This Council is continually in contact with our County Councillors and WSCC Highways Department to ensure that the repairs are carried out and, importantly, to an acceptable standard.


This Council is attempting to arrange with BT to remove redundant boxes. This is not proving an easy process.

Forest Neighbourhood Council Membership


We have councillor vacancies and will welcome enquiries about the councillor role from residents within the Forest Neighbourhood.

Whilst we are a non-statutory council, we are a voice for local matters and liaise with Horsham District Council.

Next Council Meeting

Monday 16th October 2018 at 7.30 pm in the Salvation Army Hall, Booth Way

Members of the public are always welcomed at Neighbourhood Council Meetings which are held on the third Monday of each month (but the second Monday in December)


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