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Forest Neighbourhood Council (FNC) represents the views of residents by acting as a channel for consultation with the County and District Councils and other community bodies

Annual Riverside Walk – Saturday 14th July

Join in this 13-mile Walk around Horsham.

You don't have to walk all the way if you don't have the time or energy; we have a free minibus to take you back to the start.

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New Street Area – Traffic Issues

Forest Neighbourhood Council (FNC) have been conducting a survey to try to address the problems experienced by many people in this area with parking, through traffic and traffic speeds.

Following discussions between FNC, local residents and Highway Officers at West Sussex County Council (WSCC) and local County Councillors, a number of possibilities have been suggested.

The survey has now finished. Thanks to the many people who replied and commented. It was resolved at the Forest Neighbourhood Council meeting of 21st May to pursue the introduction of a 20 mph speed limit in New Street.

June meeting notes


We are pleased to report that the potholes have now been filled in although this Council will continue to monitor the effectiveness of these repairs.

Please note that the pedestrian crossing in Brighton Road, by Athelstan Way, is to be upgraded in the very near future and whilst this work is being carried out, there will be traffic delays.


It is noted that Queen Street is included in the Town Vision although changes will probably take many years to implement. In the meantime FNC will contact HDC Planning Enforcement about specific areas that are becoming increasingly unkempt.


This Council is disappointed that illuminated signs have been erected in a residential road and will question the planning process for this approval.


More than 100 residents responded to this Questionnaire and the comments have now been analysed. An application through the Community Support Programme is to be made to introduce a 20 mph speed limit in the area.

There was majority approval to this question. Residents who have asked to be kept informed about the results, via e-mail, will shortly be contacted.


This Council is very disappointed in the poor standard of workmanship and will contact WSCC to ascertain if there are any inspection levels in place.


Two Town Wardens have now been appointed and should start work in the near future. This Council will receive monthly updates.

Forest Neighbourhood Council Membership


We have councillor vacancies and will welcome enquiries about the councillor role from residents within the Forest Neighbourhood.

Whilst we are a non-statutory council, we are a voice for local matters and liaise with Horsham District Council.

Next Council Meeting

Monday 16th July 2018 at 7.30 pm in the Salvation Army Hall, Booth Way

Members of the public are always welcomed at Neighbourhood Council Meetings which are held on the third Monday of each month (but the second Monday in December)


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