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Forest Neighbourhood Council (FNC)

represents the views of residents by acting as a channel for consultation with the County and  District Councils and other community bodies

November meeting notes


We do have vacancies on our Neighbourhood Council and if you are interested in local affairs and can volunteer some time, we shall be very pleased to hear from you by email


This is the umbrella name for the group which is preparing the Neighbourhood Plan for this area.

Currently the Draft Plan is with the Consultants but it should be ready for distribution before the end of this year.


During recent days a number of roads in Forest Neighbourhood were flooded. WSCC Highways is aware of all these areas.


Forest Neighbourhood Council has expressed its disappointment at the way in which the contractors have carried out the urban grass cutting programme in 2019.

We understand that there are new ideas for 2020 when WSCC will invite tenders for a number of smaller contracts. The idea is that local businesses can become involved.


District Councillors regularly attend our meetings and are updating our Councillors about planning developments.

There is considerable activity in this District and you may know that one proposal is for a large development of 3-4,000 homes between Buck Barn Crossroads and Copsale. This is relevant to this Council as the development will border our neighbourhood.

Forest Neighbourhood Council Membership


We have councillor vacancies and will welcome enquiries about the councillor role from residents within the Forest Neighbourhood.

Whilst we are a non-statutory council, we are a voice for local matters and liaise with Horsham District Council.

Next Council Meeting

Monday 16th December 2019 at 7.30 pm in the Salvation Army Hall, Booth Way

Members of the public are always welcomed at Neighbourhood Council Meetings which are held on the third Monday of each month (but usually the second Monday in December)


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